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Elyria-Lorain Association of School Psychologists (ELASPA)

Elyria/Lorain Area School Psychologists' Association
Mission Statement:
MISSION: The mission of ELASPA is to disseminate information relevant to best practice, to foster professional growth and communication among school psychologists and other personnel responsible for meet student's individual needs. To achieve this mission, our organization is committed to supporting changes in local, state, and federal legislation which are in the best interest of child development and mental health.
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Ohio Counties Served: Lorain, Elyria
Current President:

 Bethany Baker


 43837 Albrecht Rd.

Elyria, Ohio, 44035



 Open - seeking volunteers!

Treasurer: Bethany Baker

Open - seeking volunteers!

OSPA Rep :

Mary Ann Teitelbaum, Ph.D
1918 East 34th St
Lorain, OH 44055

Current Membership:  
Number of OSPA Executive Board Members: 1
Usual Meeting Location:

 Educational Service Center of Lorain County

1885 Lake Avenue, Elyria

2012-17 Meeting Schedule:

2/24/2017 ELASPA Winter Presentation KeyNote: Mental Health Focus: Breakout sessions: Social-Emotional Curr, ETR/IEP update, Let's talk reading anxiety. Legal Updates.  Conference located at Elyria/Lorain ESC.

9/26/2016-ELASPA- Woodcock Johnson IV/ECAD/Oral Assessment workshop update & training for School Psychologists and Speech/Language Pathologists

2/24/2016- ELASPA - Legal updates for School Psychologists

Contact for
Meeting Information:
Bethany Baker   Elaine Semper or Denise Eslinger  
Special Affiliations or Roles:

Denise Eslinger is current Chair of the OSPA Dyslexia Ad-Hoc Committee: OSPA Executive Board

MaryAnn Teitelbaum is the elected ELASPA Representative for the OSPA Executive Board

MaryAnn Teitelbaum is the current OPA Liaison for OSPA Executive Board

Addition Information:

OSPA Elected State of Ohio President  

Elaine Semper Past President of Ohio School Psychologists Association 2010

Denise Eslinger Past President of Ohio School Psychologist Association 2012


ELASPA Past Regional Presidents:

Elaine Semper, Regional President 2006-2010

Barb Harris, Regional President 2010-2011

Denise Eslinger, Regional President 2011-2012

 Elaine Semper, Regional President 2012-2014

 Denise Eslinger, Regional President 2014-2017

"Celebrities" or Special Stories:

ELASPA member Elaine Semper  is the winner of the 2016 Clyde Bartlett Award.

ELASPA member Denise Eslinger, NCSP  was  the winner of the Ohio School Psychologist of the Year 2016.

ELASPA member Dr. Rebecca Serazin, Ph.D. was the winner of the Ohio School Psychologist of the Year for 2013