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Mandatory Continuing Education

MCE Registration for 2022-24

If you wish to pay via credit card for your OSPA-MCE registration renewal, please do so via the website by Clicking Here.

For registration with check or purchase order, please complete the Paper Form and mail to the OSPA Office at the address on the form. Carefully review the deadline for registration to avoid late fees.

Guidelines for Registrants
MCE Single Course Review Form

Interested in becoming an OSPA Pre-Approved Provider? Please contact the OSPA Office at


 Online MCE Records

OSPA-MCE registrants may view an unofficial copy of their MCE record online, as current with the OSPA-MCE Office. Log into the website, click "Account" and select the "Ohio Board of Psych" tab. This is where your record is kept. This Graphic might be useful to navigate to your record. Please contact the OSPA-MCE Office if you need an official copy of your record.


MCE Webinars in Ethics and Multicultural Competency

OSPA is excited to announce the availability of online professional development modules to meet the four hour ethics and multicultural State Board of Psychology license requirements. For more information, please visit our Online Professional Development Modules page.



  • 23 Continuing Education Hours are required to renew Ohio license: including not less than four hours of continuing education in one or more of the following: 1) Professional conduct; 2) Ethics and/or 3) The role of culture, ethnic identity, or both in the provision of psychological assessment, consultation, or psychological interventions, or a combination thereof.  Program content must be provided by approved providers, and if not must be approved through OSPA-MCE upon receipt of a single course review application form.
  • All courses must be completed between September 1, 2022 and August 31, 2024.
  • Submit courses to OSPA-MCE as soon as you receive the certificate of attendance.
  • Courses taken in August 2024 must be submitted before September 15, 2024.
  • Courses taken in one biennium DO NOT carry over into another biennium.
  • OSPA-MCE Approved Provider Courses: Be sure to sign the attendance sheet along with your license number at each course taken. All OSPA-MCE Approved Providers send course attendance records directly to the OSPA-MCE office. OSPA-MCE will record your CE credits from the attendance sheet. Therefore, if you attended a course presented by an OSPA-MCE Approved Provider, you do not need to send your paperwork to the OSPA- MCE office. 
  • APA and NASP Approved Courses: APA and NASP Approved Providers DO NOT send course and attendance information to the OSPA-MCE office for recording. OSPA MCE registrants need to mail or email a copy of the certificate stating that the course is APA or NASP approved. 
  • All Other (Non-Approved) Courses: All other submissions must be accompanied by the Psychologist’s Request for Single Course Review form (see top of this page). Course/activity attendance certificate AND promotional materials must BOTH be attached to the form for review. Materials must show speaker credentials and learning objectives. To avoid delays in getting your transcripts up to date, please be certain to fully complete the forms and attach all necessary documentation. The Ohio psychology law and rules require that such coursework must be at the graduate level, taught by instructors with appropriate degrees and credentials to teach a graduate course.
  • Credit will be given for activities such as taking a graduate course (face to face hours), teaching a graduate course (face to face hours), writing a published article/chapter (5 to 10 CE) and a book (10 – 20 CE). Credit is only given once for teaching a course or conducting a workshop. Writings must be published in the biennium. Documentation of the activity must be included with the Single Course Review Form. For books, articles and chapters use the date it was published or accepted for publishing.
  • Online Courses may be used to satisfy all 23 hours of continuing education required, provided that 4 hours of the 23 meet the requirements of ORC 4732.141 (professional conduct, ethics and the role of culture, ethnic identity, etc…) of continuing education required in Ohio. 
  • Once you have reached the required number of hours, you will receive a letter and transcript via email confirming your completion. OSPA-MCE will also notify the Ohio State Board of Psychology of this achievement.


OSPA Pre-Approved Providers for 2022-24

The following providers have registered with OSPA for approval of their courses for OSPA-MCE registrants. Courses taken with these providers receive automatic MCE credit and do not require that registrants submit their certificates of completion. The providers are required to submit attendance sheets of those who attended. Once that occurs the hours are added to registrants' records.