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Inter-University Council



Mission Statement:

The Inter-University Council (IUC) for School Psychology serves the following purposes:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning the graduate preparation of school psychologists in Ohio.
  2. To collaborate with the Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA), Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Office for Exceptional Children (OEC), and other professionals: 
    1. to set program standards and monitor compliance with those standards;
    2. to determine certification standards and procedures;
    3. to develop and maintain a high-quality school psychology internship program;
    4. to develop long-range vision for the work of credentialed school psychologists in Ohio.
Newsletter and Publications:

Constitution & Internship Manual:

IUC Constitution

 Ohio Intern Manual

Ohio Counties Served:


Current President:

 Jennifer L. Reynolds, Ph.D., NCSP


 Katy Mezher, Ph. D.


 Patrick Frato, Ed.S., NCSP




Additional Board Members:








Usual Meeting Location:

Bi-Annually (November and April) 

Hilton Polaris Hotel - 8700 Lyra Drive, Columbus, OH 43240 

Meeting Schedule: